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Urban Renewal: Smithfield Lofts Secures Planning Permission

Urban Renewal: Smithfield Lofts Secures Planning Permission

GNA, in collaboration with Prosperity Developments, are thrilled to announce the successful securing of planning permission for the transformative Smithfield Lofts project. This new residential masterplan, situated in the heart of Digbeth on the site of the old Smithfield Markets, represents a vision to revitalise this urban space and create a vibrant community hub.

Smithfield Lofts is poised to reinvigorate this brownfield site, with the construction of circa 700 contemporary inner-city apartments. More than just a housing project, this venture incorporates a range of commercial spaces, amenities, and green infrastructure, heralding a vibrant approach to modern urban living.

The proposal showcases a blueprint for crafting a dynamic residential neighbourhood within a prime location with placemaking of paramount importance in creating spaces that foster a strong sense of community both inside and outside the buildings. Moreover, the development addresses and overcomes challenging flood risk constraints, ensuring commercial viability without compromising resident’s safety and quality of life.

Smithfield Lofts demonstrates a commitment to celebrating local culture and promoting artistic expression. Community spaces within the development and along public street frontages will provide opportunities for local artists to weave their creativity into the landscape, further embodying the vivacious spirit of Digbeth.

The architectural design of Smithfield Lofts pays homage to the traditional 1900’s buildings and the post-war structures that have shaped Digbeth's identity. Alongside use of vernacular red brick and terracotta; decorative metal panels, reminiscent of the site's metal pressing legacy, adorn the buildings, infusing a unique identity into this new community.

As the project sets its sights now on breaking ground, GNA looks forward to delivering Smithfield Lofts with Prosperity Developments. Find out more about the project.