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Congratulations to new GNA Architects

Congratulations to new GNA Architects

We are delighted to share that over the past few months, several of our studio team have successfully passed their final Part 3 examinations and have subsequently become fully qualified architects.

Chloe Dent, Holly Astle, Jessica Turner and Sam Gardiner all joined Glancy Nicholls Architects as Part I Architectural Assistants and have been fully supported by GNA throughout both their Part II and Part III qualifications, remaining at work part time in the studio throughout, gaining vital industry experience whilst balancing a focus on their education.

Here is how each of them feel about their recent achievements, and they share some advice for future Part III candidates;

“I am pleased to have achieved this milestone and believe I was fortunate to have the continued support of senior members of staff within the studio throughout my masters and part 3 course, their guidance and mentorship played a pivotal role in offering valuable insights into projects and providing constructive feedback on my work. My GNA colleagues always had time for me; to help out and offer advice which was very helpful.”

Chloe Dent

“I am proud to have qualified and remain grateful to GNA for supporting me both professionally and personally as I managed pregnancy and motherhood, alongside my Part 3 deadlines and daily project commitments. I believe this achievement goes to show that despite the challenges, juggling an architectural career and parenthood can be achieved with a flexible and supportive practice. One day, I’m sure that I will look back with fond memories of the sleepless nights balancing my laptop and baby as I wrote my case study!"

Holly Astle

Undertaking my studies part-time whilst working at GNA provided me an opportunity to develop my skills, knowledge and confidence working in a real world environment. Over the years I have been able to draw from the wide experience and expertise within the studio, which is particularly useful during the part 3 course, where I was able to engage with and embrace projects, seeking insight from my own and from other's work. Each project offered a unique learning experience and provided me with valuable insights into the diverse world of architecture.”

Jess Turner

“Due to the large pool of staff experience within GNA (including part 1, 2 and 3, and technical experience), I have always managed to find support groups in the practice alongside colleagues attending the same course as me or who have already completed their studies and are more than willing to provide advice and guidance. More recently, I and three other members of staff who were completing our part 3 qualification formed a study group and used each others to finish the course successfully. Establishing revision sessions, sharing notes, forming study groups and generally having other people around going through the same experience as you really makes all the difference when attempting to complete your architectural education.”

Sam Gardiner

We are delighted to see them all pass this key milestone in their architectural journeys and congratulate them all on their great success. This achievement is testament to their hard work and dedication over the past few years, and we look forward to seeing how they continue to progress as Architects.