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Royal Centre of Defence Medicine

Architectural Visual

Residences for medical service personnel

The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine provides residential accommodation for medical staff working in the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, a significant step in improving facilities. The project provides a focal point to develop and maintain a sense of belonging and teamwork to support their essential medical work.

This building merges accommodation and mess facilities into one singular building, to manage site constraints and benefit the commercial arena (where space is more of a premium) as the smaller footprint and larger building allow space and cost efficiency.

The building is designed to the required JSP standards to provide suitable blast-resistant construction and building security, to ensure the occupants occupy a safe environment, with necessary standards defined by the DIO for all ranks within the organisation.

A new way of procuring a facility for the DIO (defence infrastructure Organisation), collaborating with external commercial partners took place to deliver an MOD-ready facility off base. This allowed for close proximity of the building to the Queen Elizabeth hospital, where the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine is located.