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Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

Kenilworth school entrance and car park

Warwickshire's largest education campus

The new Kenilworth Secondary School and Sixth Form is a key part of the town’s expansion and combines three separate school sites into one, thus forming one of the largest schools in Warwickshire and providing 2,400 pupil places.

The school presents a strong civic presence to the community, incorporating a colonnade to celebrate the principle entrance into the building. This frontage houses the long gallery, housing the main entrance and supporting hall and community facilities. This gallery connects to five wings, each providing access to individual departments celebrating their subjects. The five fingered winged plan creates four distinct open-end courtyards which effectively bring the landscape into the school, providing a strong link to the outside environment. These courtyards provide generous pupil movement and external teaching and social uses. This approach incorporates biophilic design principles supporting the well-being of teachers and pupils.

Settled within an undulating greenfield site, this site required creative landscaping to remodel the topography and overcome significant falls.

The design was the result of a positive engagement process with the Governors, Senior Leadership Team, teachers, pupils, and the community. The £45 million development is currently on site and is due to be open for the 2023 academic year.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were weaved into our approach, with sustainability forming an integral influence on how the school is managed. This ethos is encouraged with the pupils, who have formed environmental steering groups which has resulted in their close involvement with the scheme, even going so far as presenting the scheme to the planning committee.

UN Sustainable Development Goals