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Hornton Grange

Hornton Grange was built in 1928, adjacent to the Grade II* listed Garth House. It plays a key role in establishing the relationships of the new Hotel & Conference Centre facility and reinstating the site’s heritage. The refurbishment and extension of this project (as with Garth House) continued the development of the complex, with each building having its own identity connected to its original use and time.

An impressive rear extension has been added to emphasise its importance. Set back from the road, the extension is connected via a subtle glass link, allowing it to sit comfortably within the landscape. The design captures a feeling of space and light, creating a focal heart that the modern house had been missing.

The internal refurbishment creates 6 bedrooms on the upper floors around the reinvented grand staircase and main reception. The ground floor contains a series of meeting rooms, a main bar and lounge which link to the new extension. This has been restructured to create a greater sense of flow and to open key views across the site whilst being able to appreciate the proportions of the original layout.

The design of these spaces has been developed to work with the original features of the building; as such the design incorporates refurbished wood panelling and a large-scale fireplace bar, enhancing its identity and relevance within its wider setting.


  • Shortlisted, AJ Retrofit Awards 2019
    Hotel, Retail and Leisure
External image of hornton grange
Hornton Grange

Glancy Nicholls Architects are to be commended for their extensive historic research and condition survey work to both buildings to restore the original architectural period detailing, recreating the original charm and character whist also delivering a quality 21st century guest experience.

Andy Stone Senior Project Surveyor, Estates Office, University of Birmingham


A refurbishment to provide enhanced hotel accommodation, designed with respect for the historical architecture, but with a contemporary bronze-clad extension that enhances the service provided by the hotel.

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