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Guildhall Stafford

Working with Mercia Real Estate, Glancy Nicholls Architects have designed a contextual mixed-use scheme in the heart of Stafford Town Centre, within the footprint of a disused shopping centre. This includes the regeneration of the 1930’s Guildhall building that serves as the main entrance to the shopping centre and the listed Market Square building. The scheme redefines a healthy town centre through a residential-led mixed-use development with new retail-led street activation and public mews space.

It was important, as part of this project, to reestablish the lost urban grain. By re-evaluating the surrounding road network, the scheme improves legibility and the flow of pedestrians through town. In turn, people will be drawn back into this space, enabling Stafford to reclaim its urban identity.

The Guildhall scheme also includes a historic, mature, landscaped churchyard to consider. As one of the site’s key aspects, it is vital to support the church’s heritage. As part of this, the churchyard has been utilised as an attractive public green space for all to enjoy, including new public mews. By providing this focal point, people will be encouraged to interact with the town centre. Additionally, the new landscape vision considers the site’s sustainability and aims to include a sustainable drainage scheme as well as habitat creation.

The new retail-led street activation of the Guildhall redevelopment will reimagine and reinvigorate the retail opportunities in Stafford. As the existing shopping centre is disused, this scheme will help to draw back residents, and the wider community, to the town centre and encourage them to shop locally.