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Ann Marie Howes Dementia Care Centre

External Visual of Exterior Entrance at dusk

Bespoke dementia friendly design

As one of four elderly-care developments we have designed in Birmingham, we developed the Ann Howes Specialist Residential Centre in consultation with several dementia-friendly design specialists. Integrating their guidance into the final design has enabled residents of the Centre to extend their independence.

The project includes facilities for residents and for the community, featuring a restaurant, café, hairdresser, and gym. The Centre also offers a variety of amenities such as activity rooms, a prayer room, a full production kitchen, a multi-media centre, and an interactive technology store. Treatment facilities for physiotherapy, consultancy, and chiropody are integrated into the accommodation.

In addition to the dementia-friendly design, sustainability was also tied into the scheme with roof-mounted solar panels installed, generating up to 25% of the hot water requirements of the entire building. The use of energy-efficient dual fuel boilers and a highly insulated external envelope resulted in the building far exceeding the regulations of its' time.

Night shot of building entrance exterior
Ann Marie Howes Centre