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100 Broad Street

Standing at 193m tall with a super slim profile, 100 Broad Street was designed as the pinnacle high rise in the emerging Broad Street cluster of tall buildings. We used our high-rise expertise to obtain on behalf of our client, the tallest planning approval for a building outside of London.

The scheme comprises 500 high-end luxury apartments, set over 61 storeys, with unique panoramic views, a host of first-class residential amenity space and commercial ground floor uses, contributing positively to the evolving Broad Street offer.

Located within the building’s glazed crown, plans include a high-altitude dining experience offering spectacular views of the entire Midlands region.

With this approval, GNA demonstrate their ability in designing a building of huge complexity, acting as lead designer the coordination of mechanical, electrical, and structural strategies proved critical to the viability of the scheme.

City Design Officers at Birmingham City Council commended 100 Broad Street for being an ‘architectural statement building which would positively contribute to the city’s skyline on a strategically prominent site within the city centre’.

City Design Officers Birmingham City Council