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Friar Gate Goods Yard Approved And On Track For Delivery

Friar Gate Goods Yard Approved And On Track For Delivery

The Friar Gate Goods Yard in Derby has achieved a significant milestone as it secures planning approval. Through a collaborative effort between Wavensmere Homes, Clowes Developments, Glancy Nicholls Architects, and Pegasus Group, the redevelopment plans for Derby's historic Friar Gate Bonded Warehouse and curtilage have successfully obtained full planning and listed building consent from Derby City Council.

The ambitious vision outlined in the proposal aims to breathe new life into the site's iconic Grade II listed buildings, the 19th Century Bonded Warehouse and Engine House. These structures are set to receive meticulous restoration, with plans in place to transform them into a dynamic hub of commercial activity encompassing over 110,000 sq ft of space. Additionally, the redevelopment project includes the construction of 276 new homes spread across the 11.5-acre site.

Central to the design is the preservation of the historical significance of the Bonded Warehouse and Engine House, which will house flexible offices, health and fitness facilities, a restaurant/café, and a regional sales center for Wavensmere Homes. The plans also prioritise the creation of extensive public open spaces, including play areas and pocket parks, alongside a multi-purpose public realm and community space adjacent to Friar Gate Bridge.

James Dickens, Managing Director of Wavensmere Homes, expressed pride in the comprehensive nature of the planning application, highlighting the intricate 3D modelling used to visualise the restoration process.

“Through collaborative effort this planning approval underscores a commitment to exemplary placemaking, with a focus on integrating the heritage assets into the fabric of daily life for future residents and visitors alike.”

James Dickens Managing Director of Wavensmere Homes

“This planning approval recognises the importance of sustainable restoration and retrofit design in preserving Derby's architectural heritage. The redevelopment plans aim to inject millions of pounds into saving the distressed listed buildings, ensuring they continue to contribute to Derby's cultural landscape for generations to come.”

Adam McPartland Director, Glancy Nicholls Architects

The redevelopment proposals align with principles of sustainable development, incorporating low carbon materials, modern construction methods, and renewable energy generation. The retention of mature trees and biodiverse enhancements further enhances the site's ecological value.

In addition to the restoration of the Bonded Warehouse and Engine House, plans include the construction of a new apartment building on Stafford Street, contributing to the repair and revitalisation of the streetscape along one of Derby's main arterial routes.

GNA take great pride in their role in the shaping of this significant city centre project. As the vision for the Friar Gate Goods Yard takes shape, the collaborative efforts of all involved promise to transform a problematic brownfield site into a vibrant community, workplace, and citywide amenity while simultaneously marking a new chapter for these historic Derby landmarks.