The scheme is a single-storey extension, housing two classrooms and useable corridor space, to a grade II building with additional works within the existing building to provide a commercial kitchen.

The extension is aligned with the existing boundary wall, to create a visual relationship between the new extension and the facade of the existing school, and in doing so, draws the eye towards the listed elevation of the original school building. The significant overhang of the roof has been designed to draw further attention to the existing façade, while also creating a sheltered area over the ramp.

The openings in the façade are at varying heights for both functional and aesthetic interest, this reflects the vision that the client wanted our designs to adhere to. This mixture of practicality and image are reflected in the High level windows. They open to control natural ventilation, whereas the low level windows are fixed for child security, but still allowing children a clear view out and plenty of daylight into the classrooms.